The place to be in downtown Glenwood Springs!














The Springs Downtown Bar & Grill and Doc Holliday’s Tavern sit next door to each other in downtown Glenwood Springs on Grand Avenue.  These locations have a lot of history to them and are home to two of the busiest restaurants and bars in town.  Construction of the building was completed in 1900 and has been home to numerous businesses over the years.   Since the 1970′s, both sides of the building have been operating as restaurants or bars. 

If you are looking for a great place to sit down with the family for dinner, come visit either the Springs Downtown Bar & Grill or Doc Holliday’s Saloon.  Later in the evening, these two locations become the places to be for good friends, good drinks and lots of fun.  Come enjoy the nostalgia and people at Glenwood Springs premier bars and restaurants!


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